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LaDiamondBlue, actress , singer – songwriter and proclaimed “love child”, was born LaDiamond Blueford on December 2, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. A true 90's baby with matching flair, she credits her musical and vocal influences to artists such as Indie Arie, Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica, and Beyoncé. With deep roots in music equipped with being raised by a musically inclined family, her grandfather being a local and well known Blues singer and her mother being a member of a singing group and winner of the ‘Gong Show’ in 1977, she fused all of her inspirations thus designing her very own melodic niche. Beginning at the age of 7, Blue discovered her own voice after multiple divine circumstances such as her unforgettable elementary school performance, becoming a member of the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church Children’s Choir, and at the age of twelve winning the Gospel American Idol Competition in 2006. The following year she began writing her own songs and at age 15 began in studio recording. It was evident then that LaDiamondBlue would have a long lasting and budding relationship with music for years to come.


As a student of Texas Southern University, LaDiamondBlue was given an outlet to join forces with other performing arts students who shared her dream of impacting the world through music. Commencing her freshman year, she collaborated with another student and featured on songs, such as “A.I.D.S.” (Alcohol In Da System...), “Living Life With No Air,” and “Thuggish Luvn”. Rightfully, Blue’s name grew on campus, attracting a crew of students with Film and Art majors who would continue building lasting relationships beneficial to her movement and career. During her second year of college, she gained the lead role as “Dena Jones”, in TSU’s adaptation of the iconic play, “Dream Girl”, and was nominated for The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Irene Ryan Award. Her junior year in college, she officially became the co-founder and President of TSU’s highly sought after Hip-Hop Dance Group, ‘Raw Materialz.’ With the amazing support of TSU, upon earning her degree in Telecommunications and TV & Film, Blue traveled to Beijing and Paris where she performed and worked towards perfecting her craft she spoke highly of the experience stating “Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming.”


The dynamic songstress who devotes her gifts to multiple musical genres especially Neo Soul and R&B, has a writing and performing style befitting of her own character; it is lively and profoundly resonates with her audience. Fans have said that LaDiamondBlue’s first single, ‘With U’ (2016), “makes them want to fall and be in love.” She affectionately enjoys writing and singing about the emotional journey her mind, body and soul takes when she experiences pivotal moments regarding family, love, relationships, and pain. She loves writing to the sound of the bass and singing from her soul, creating the most timeless and heartfelt compositions stating that “I get a natural high, an adrenalin rush, when I’m writing and recording.” LaDiamondBlue declares through her music she desires “to help others stay encouraged” wanting her style to gain notoriety that is sought out due to the depth of her intellectually-stimulating lyrics and the quality of her compositions thus guaranteeing to one day be recognized globally for her musical benevolence and philanthropy.

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